I first met David Ginchansky as a senior in college when I was (by luck) randomly assigned to him during the Career Center’s open hours. I had come to the Career Center because I had to perform a 180 degree switch in my career path. This was a daunting task, which is why I sought out the Career Center as a resource.

David quickly recognized that I was an ambitious student with unusual and strong professional experiences. The Career Center sees everyone from a freshman applying for his/her first internship with a first-draft resume, to students like me – seniors who had invested in their professional and leadership development, had many internship experiences, and were applying for competitive full-time jobs post-graduation. I was extremely grateful that, from the get-go, David adjusted his coaching and advice for a student at my level. David began the meeting by questioning me about my current situation and understanding my background. Over the course of the meeting, he was able to help me clarify my goals, the skills and strengths I wanted to convey, the experiences I needed to leverage, and the requirements I met for the jobs I was considering. Throughout my senior year, I continued to seek David’s coaching. David supported me through the process of fall recruitment, phone interviews, final interviews and lastly, a job offer.

That was three years ago, and I have highly valued David’s coaching, mentorship, and support since then. David utilizes a Socratic method in advising me. He trusts that I have the ability to frame what I want to say, but his questions help me to narrow my train of thought and make progress. His coaching provides direction in that he helps me organize my thoughts, prioritize what I want to convey, ask myself difficult questions, and challenge my assumptions. He has always been patient, encouraging, and supportive. David has helped me to navigate a switch in my career path, a jump to a new industry, my transition from college student to young professional, and now from young professional to a graduate school applicant. I would unreservedly recommend David as a coach!
– Caroline P

– Mary C.

– Judy F