Career Search and Social Media How-To’s

You Want to Add Me To Your LinkedIn Network? I Want to Add You to My Pet Peeve List.

I’m sure you are a wonderful person and you would bring great value to our newly minted relationship. You have a lovely profile and I can see you’ve established yourself quite well in the LinkedIn community…. …but I do not know you and I need to have a reason why I should. LinkedIn is one of [...]

3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Summary

Most of LinkedIn is easy to set up. You can cut and paste your resume into the Education and Experience sections. You can even attach videos, presentations, documents, and website links to the various settings to further showcase your work beyond mere words. …but when it comes to writing the summary, most people get stuck. I am [...]

You Want to Make an Impact? Write a Thank You Note…For EVERYTHING.

When I was young, one of the most annoying things my parents made me do was send a thank you card for everything. Someone send me a gift?  Write a thank you card. Someone help me with my school work?  Thank you card time! Someone come to my birthday party?  Send a thank you?  Yes? [...]