5 Ways to Build Confidence For an Interview

Interviews are nerve wracking for most of us. Part of the reason for this is the fact that interviews are unnatural in the first place. Think about it. How often do you walk up to a person in the street, a perfect stranger at that, and they ask "so, tell me about yourself?" Many of us are quite uncomfortable [...]

6 Ways to Turn Your Tax Refund into a Better Career

It’s nice to get a refund.  Even more so after the hours upon hours of preparing your taxes. You’d like to reward yourself.  A nice vacation perhaps, or maybe a swanky night out at a fine restaurant. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is reinvest in yourself.  However, with this newfound money, the [...]

How Baseball and the Job Search Are Alike…You’re Not Officially Out Until Strike Three

Happy First Week of MLB Baseball! Before you read this post, I would like to preface it and emphasize networking is about connecting with people. One of the best ways to connect with people, especially when you are first trying to meet them, is to find and speak to commonalities. What, in essence, do both of you [...]

You Want to Add Me To Your LinkedIn Network? I Want to Add You to My Pet Peeve List.

I’m sure you are a wonderful person and you would bring great value to our newly minted relationship. You have a lovely profile and I can see you’ve established yourself quite well in the LinkedIn community…. …but I do not know you and I need to have a reason why I should. LinkedIn is one of [...]

Experience, Exsmerience (It’s All in How You Define It)

"You say pot-A-to, and I say pot-AH-to.  You say Tom-A-to, and I say Tom-AH-to." - Louie Armstrong, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off I've been a Career Coach for over 10 years, and many of the same concerns come up over and over again, yet one issue trumps all others when it comes to the [...]

Leadership Is Not A Bullet Point

There they are again…those clichéd words in ALL their glory. Yep, it’s almost a guarantee…centered somewhere underneath work experience on 80% of the 10,000 resumes you receive per job posting is some version of the keyword "leadership." And on the other side of the resume is someone trying to convince you their fancy title in some [...]

3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Summary

Most of LinkedIn is easy to set up. You can cut and paste your resume into the Education and Experience sections. You can even attach videos, presentations, documents, and website links to the various settings to further showcase your work beyond mere words. …but when it comes to writing the summary, most people get stuck. I am [...]

10 Ways to Create Happiness in 2018

There is nothing I would like more than for all of us to have the Happiest of 2018.  It seems year in and year out there is much to be discouraged about as we reflect on each year, and the truth is to create a truly Happy New Year, we often have to start with [...]

How to Be a STAR in the Interview

This is the third and last blog in 3-part series titled "Stop Giving Me Answers and Start Telling Me Stories," which discusses storytelling in the interview. The first blog on Tell Me About Yourself can be found here. The second, on "What is Your Greatest Strength/Weakness," is here. As you likely know, Behavioral Questions are interview [...]

Stop Giving Answers and Start Telling Stories Part Two: What is Your Greatest Strength/Weakness

This is a second in 3-part blog series on storytelling in the interview and how telling stories, instead of giving answers, to increase connection between interviewer and interviewee, which could culminate in a greater likelihood of an offer.  To read the first blog, click here.   I love entertainment.  It doesn't matter what kind--movie, theater, TV, [...]